︎︎︎ My developing goal to “speak more conversationally, with rather than at an audience, in the rhythm of my own feelings” Stuart Hall

I am a (British-Jamaican) multidisciplinary artist and educator, interested in self-determination and how it is steered by my experience with religion and spirituality.

Informed by a fractious domestic life, my work can best be understood as a diaristic mirror. (a diaristic mirror can be defined as the pauses in life that provoke introspection, as confessions spoken aloud, found in Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jefferis’ book, Private insurrections to loosen public ground.)

My practice exists in the orbit of my educational role where I work to reimagine Western pedagogy. I have trained, and untrained, to be a teacher and now prioritise using art as a tool to have hard conversations softly.  

My art is research focused and follows the lead of the many radical Caribbean and West African writers and thinkers discussing  indigenous ways of living.
I am currently experimenting with gardening, text, filmmaking and installation to better understand indigenous thought and tend to the breaks that occur in the human experience.

I currently serve on a regional arts advisory board and a national artists council that advocate for the development and protection of artists and I have previously exhibited and worked with Ikon Gallery, the International Curators Forum, iniva, Freelands Foundation, LUX Scotland and the National Gallery in London. I am proud to work out of a studio in the heart of the Midland’s vibrant art community in Birmingham, working closely with local galleries and organisations such as Grand Union, Vivid Projects, The New Art Gallery Walsall and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
︎︎︎ Some further context ︎︎︎

Photography credits: (1-3) Katerzyna Perlak, (4) Amadeusz

Arts Council England DYCP recipient 2022
Currently mentored by: Vivid Projects (UK), ICF (international), Marcia & Philip Henry (JM)