My developing goal to “speak more conversationally, with rather than at an audience, in the rhythm of my own feelings” ︎︎︎ Stuart Hall

I am a British-Jamaican multidisciplinary artist & educator whose practice centres on the relationship with self. Looking through a lens of fractious domesticity, my work is wholly introspective & can be best understood as a diaristic mirror*. My art tends to appear as questions of self actualisation & the role that religion & spirituality play in that journey to enlightenment.

Over the last year, I have been using gardening, text, filmmaking & installation to further explore indigenous thought. Specifically researching what it means to return home or return to self, with a special interest in the journeys between the seen and unseen world(s). 
Ensuring that my methods are queer, radical & transformative, I use (formal & informal) classrooms as a space where I can confront western ways of teaching & learning. In both my creative practice & my role as an educator, I use art as a tool to have hard conversations softly.

My breadth of experience in art & education can be seen in my work with the Ikon Gallery, Vivid Projects, The New Art Gallery Walsall, the Film and Video Umbrella, Iniva & the International Curators Forum.  
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*Diaristic mirror:  I first became aware of this term when reading Sophie Chapman & Kerri Jefferis’ ‘Private insurrections to loosen public ground’. A diaristic mirror can be defined as the pauses in life that provoke introspection, as confessions spoken aloud, thoughts on socialised behaviours and humanity and intimate recollections of one’s history, quietly generated through writing and art. 

Photography credits: (1-3) Katerzyna Perlak, (4) Amadeusz

A-n Artists Council member 2022-2025
Arts Council England DYCP recipient 2022