Research & Development 

Dialogue/debate is an on-going collaborative project about conversation as a tool for trust building. Exodus, Priya and Rosa think about conversation by being in conversation with each other, by experimenting with different forms of conversation, and by observing the ways that conversations take place in different contexts. They welcome other people into their workshops, make agreements for how to be together, and facilitate activities about relationships, collaboration, position and space. In what contexts are we able to agree, disagree or be in-between? How can we build trusting relationships that afford self and community cultivation?

︎︎︎Not feeling bad about cancelling due to health problems  
︎︎︎Hot drink and a snack
︎︎︎Different coloured felt pens
︎︎︎Always going over the allotted time for catch-up
︎︎︎Prioritised feelings

If you are interested in talking about this project, or have a workshop or residency opportunity 2023 - 2025, please contact Rosa via

Research and Development for Dialogue/Debate (2020 - 2022) was supported by Arts Council England. Space was provided by Vivid Projects.

A-n Artists Council member 2022-2025
Arts Council England DYCP recipient 2022

Currently mentored by: Vivid Projects (UK), ICF (international), Marcia & Philip Henry (JM)